Get Connected

Where do you find inspiration for new ideas when it comes to lessons and your classroom? Who can you call on to answer questions you have? All educators can benefit from "getting connected" with others online and building a PLN (professional learning community) using Twitter and other tools. Here are some suggestions to get you started!


  1. Sign Up: Use your personal email account and sign up for Twitter! (You can change your email address if you use your school address and it changes.) You will need to select a unique username for Twitter: Try and choose something as short as possible!
  2. Download a Twitter App: You can use Twitter in your mobile device browser (Safari on an iPhone or iPad) or download an app:
    1. Twitter for iOS
    2. EchoFon for iOS (supports multiple accounts as well as Buffer)
  3. Hashtags: Find some educational hashtags which interest you, and follow others sharing with those hashtags. This is an excellent way to find other educators who share interests similar to yours.
    1. Cybrary Man's Educational Hashtags
    2. The Complete Guide to Twitter Hashtags for Education by @teachthought
  4. Twitter Chats: Use the Google Calendar on the Education Chats Google Site (click to switch to your time zone) to find an upcoming educational Twitter chat of interest. 

Other Twitter Resources

  1. The TweechMe App (@tweechmeapp) was created by Florida educator Susan Bearden (@s_bearden) to help teachers learn how to use Twitter for educational networking. Check it out!
  2. Kathy Schrock's page "Twitter for Teachers" has additional apps and helpful Twitter resources (@kathyschrock)


Flipboard (@flipboard) is a free digital magazine app for your smartphone and tablet which turns your Twitter feed

Get started following one or more of the Flipboard magazines curated by Wes Fryer or Shelly Fryer.

Wes' resource page "Discovering Useful Ideas" has additional inks, videos, and resources 

Discover And Curate Ideas For Your Classroom ‎(June 2016)‎

Twitter Lists

Follow "lists" on Twitter created by others, and/or create your own lists to FILTER the stream of Twitter posts according to topics and interests. Here are some Twitter lists to follow and check out. You can also follow these on Flipboard after you follow them on Twitter!